Louisville Water Reservoir

Here is an interesting project that I had the privilege to photograph.

The Louisville water company’s reservoir in Crescent Hill.

The inside of the reservoir is always been a mystery to me because I used to jog around the reservoir and now I finally had the opportunity to photograph the interior of it and find out what's really inside.

My client has done the renovations of the interior and of the exterior of the reservoir building.

We were able to scout this project before returning A couple of days later to set up the shoot. I noted, during the scouting session, all of the texture in the stonework of the building and the bas relief of the plaque inside. I knew that I wanted to use lighting to enhance the detail. We spent all day at the reservoir photographing all of the features that we wanted to showcase. We ended up shooting all the way up until just before dusk. Then we started setting up our lights to light up the exterior of the building.

It was a pleasure working with the water company personnel. They were very accommodating and helpful with allowing us access to the mysterious inner workings of the water reservoir.